Why You Need a Responsive Website for Your Business

Have you ever visited a website on your mobile phone only to find the page not laid out right or its text is too small to read? Well, that’s because the website is not responsive! With the competition in the business world being so tough, every little thing counts when it comes to marketing and customer satisfaction. This is why many businesses, big or small, have well-designed responsive websites for their customers to visit and learn more about their products, brands, and services.

But what is a responsive website? Well, it is a website that is designed and coded to provide a prime viewing experience across a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop PCs. Here are reasons why you need a responsive website for your business:

Google’s mobile-first indexing

Google is moving steadily towards a world that is very much focused on mobile devices. With the immense growth in mobile traffic over the last few years, Google has recently decided to change their index from a desktop-first model to a mobile-first model. What does this mean?

If you want your website to rank well on Google, you will need a website that is set to perform on all platforms, especially mobile devices. Because many people today are searching on Google using their mobile phones, Google saw it necessary to rank searches according to mobile versions instead of the desktop versions of a page. This will ensure that the most relevant pages are ranking at the top.

Better user experience

Websites that have static designs, have a tendency to spill off the page and have small texts on mobile devices making it difficult to read. Visitors usually have to scroll and pinch on their screens to navigate the site. This leads to a very frustrating user experience as well as high bounce rates especially if the competitor’s website has a nicely designed and easy to use website. With responsive websites, your visitors will be able to easily navigate and read texts on their mobile devices.

Improved local search rankings

A responsive web design not only improves your SEO but will also help you feature in localized search results. This hugely benefits local businesses and high street retailers as it increases their ranking in specific areas.

Faster load time

We all know that website speed increases conversion rates. A typical visitor will expect a webpage to load in less than two seconds. If it takes longer than that, don’t expect your visitors to stay! Responsive websites will increase the loading times at your website and this will keep people on your site. They will also load much faster on mobile devices than a desktop website.

Social media encourages mobile use

Today, almost all businesses have a social media marketing strategy in place. Most of the social media consumption happens on mobile devices. So this means that sharing links from your social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Google Plus to your business website will increase more traffic from mobile devices. Therefore, if you want to fully maximize your social media marketing strategy, you should get a responsive website.