Tips to Using SEO to Improve Your Local Ranking

A high local search ranking is the bedrock of success for your local or international company. If you want to improve local traffic and improve your visibility, you must optimize your website appropriately. Local SEO has several challenges but some techniques can help you do it more effectively.

Begin with a solid foundation

Good rankings are of little use if they lead to zero conversions. That means your website must be able to handle the conversions. You should ensure that the website loads fast enough to prevent a reduction in the crawl budget that occurs due to lost conversions. Google will reduce your website’s visibility if it is slow. To determine whether your website is dragging or crawling for your users, you can employ website analytical tools such as Google’s Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix. Other tools that can help you monitor the health and crawl issues of your website and domain include Google’s Search Console and Moz Pro

Maximize Google My Business signals

Many business managers are taking advantage of Google My Business (GMB) to make their businesses visible by providing Google with valuable information regarding name, address, URL, telephone number, proximity, situation and category of business. However, the information that you provide must be complete and accurate so that Google can use it to for accurate search evaluation. Adding high-quality images will give you an additional advantage.

Enhance your link profile

You can improve your link profile by creating quality local links in a natural manner. This involves linking your website to many reputable local publications and websites. You can do that by engaging in local charity drives, local awards and fund raisings. The amount and quality of inbound links will improve local search ranking. One way you can achieve this is by sponsoring a local event or team, which can link their website to yours.

Increase social signals

You can increase your social signals, by attracting a large following and facilitating a high engagement rate. An improved social presence can boost your local ranking. Many websites attract a greater number of followers by interacting with influential social media personalities and creating highly interesting content.